Nozevit is an all natural plant polyphenol honey bee food supplement that is added to your sugar syrup feed. NOZEVIT should be fed to your colonies 4 times 4 days apart in the Spring and again 4 times in the Autumn 4 days apart, just prior to wintering. Feeding directly on top of frames by drenching or spraying are the best methods for treating. Sick bees do not leave the hive to forage for food and therefore drenching bees in the hive forces them to clean and consume drenched Nozevit/syrup mixture. Our studies show bees take approximately 3 to 4 hours to completely clean up a drench feeding. Also, we find that bees feed and "work" the solution about 23 to 24 times in that 3 - 4 hour period. By using a thin 50/50 syrup, the bees tend to consume the liquid immediately whereas our testing shows that thicker syrup is mostly stored and consumed at a later date by younger bees and the existing sickly bees never receive the benefits of the Nozevit/Syrup solution.

According to published scientific studies Nozevit has 4 distinct properties.

1. Nozevit Restores the natural pH of the mid gut of the honey bee. When the bee gets sick, the pH of the mid gut turns alkaline or less acidic. Nozevit has natural acidic properties derived from the tannin acids in the extracted plant polyphenols. A higher pH in the mid gut results in a hardening and straightening of the gut resulting in less food processing.

2. Nozevit Restores the elasticity of the mid gut of the honey bee. When the pH rises in the bees gut and the bees are infected internally the mid gut hardens off and looses it's "Slinky" characteristics. A more "Slinky" or elastic mid gut is better able to process ingested elements.

3. Nozevit Produces a "glue like" substance we like to call "gut phlegm" that lines the mid gut of the honey bee and traps and holds for elimination foreign elements inhabiting the mid gut. Cleansing takes place very quickly and the "gut phlegm" traps and holds inhabiting bacteria, microbes, and microsporidians.

4. Nozevit contains natural "probotics" or amino peptides which help in the digestion process of the honey bee. When the mid gut of the honey bee is purged, as in humans, natural beneficial bacteria is need to start the digestion process of newly ingested food.

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Nozevit is produced from all natural certified organic substances according to a decades old traditional European recipe. Healthy bee colonies build brood faster in the spring, and will winter extremely well when their intestinal integrity is intact. Exceptional colonies can be built using all natural Nozevit as a food supplement for intestinal cleansing, thereby reducing the need of chemical treatments for internal ailments.

Suggested Instructions for Use of Nozevit

General Information

We feed approximately 1 cup or about 8 - 10 ounces of Light 50/50 Sugar Syrup with 1ml Nozevit added per hive per feeding.

Obviously there are variables that would necessitate a bit more or less per hive depending on strength of hive.

Application method is either by drenching or spraying directly on top of frames in hive. We prefer an old time watering can to evenly drench the frames while still in box.

We just lift the lid and remove inner cover and spray or drench the top of hive, then cover the hive up and move on to the next one. This process takes us about 10 to 15 seconds per hive depending on how stuck the lid and inner cover are. A two man crew takes about 8 seconds per hive.

You can use a pump sprayer from your local garden supply store or for larger operations you can mix in a 55 gallon barrel or 250 gallon plastic tote in a wire cage (or larger) and hook up a 12 volt pump and attach a hose with fan spray nozzle or jet on the end. Do not blast the bees. A light even spray or drench between the frames is what you are trying to do. If you are spraying, I suggest spraying into a bucket and time how long it takes to spray 8 - 10 oz. Everyone’s pump and sprayer is different so I cannot tell you to spray for 8 or 10 seconds; you spray in your bucket and then you will know your rate of delivery.

For Preventive Care of your bees we recommend feeding your bees 2 times, 10 days apart. We feed two times in the spring and two times in the fall just before wintering. If you have a summer dearth in your area we recommend you feed two or three times with Nozevit in your sugar syrup.

For Critical Care of your bees under stress or commercial pollination we strongly recommend feeding 4 times 4 days apart. In most of the world we now see stress in the bees and always feed our own bees 4 times 4 days apart in the Spring and again in the Autumn.

Nozevit will last in the syrup just as long as your syrup is good and not fermenting or going bad. Always store unused Nozevit and Syrup with Nozevit in cool dark location.

Protein Patties should have Nozevit added. Mix 1 1/2 ml to final wet weight of 1 lb. or ½ kilo patty.

Light Nozevit/Sugar Syrup mixture feeds approximately 4 hives per quart in the Spring when the hives are just coming out of winter and not at full strength and 3 hives after the hives are coming out of the Almonds and are "busting out of the seams" and the hives are at full strength and ready to be split.

How to mix:

For the Hobbyist or Small Scale Beekeeper:

Mix 1 teaspoon per quart or litre of thin 50/50 sugar syrup. This is enough to feed about 4 hives one time each. A 50ml bottle can be mixed in a large new 3 1/2 gallon garden sprayer of Light 50/50 Sugar Syrup. These 3.5 gallons are enough to feed approximately 50 hives one time each. Remember, it is best to feed hives 4 times 4 days apart or whenever you are adding feed to the hive. Nozevit is all natural and you cannot give or feed too much to the bees. They love it!


A 250ml bottle should be mixed in with 15 gallons of light 50/50 syrup. This is enough to feed about 250 hives one time each or 125 hives the minimum two feedings 10 days apart for light maintenance, or our strong recommendation of 62 hives fed 4 times 4 days apart.


A 500ml bottle should be mixed into 30 gallons of thin syrup. If you had a 55 gallon drum not quite full you would add 800ml or 3/4 litre bottle and mix. This is enough to feed at least 650-800 hives one time each or 325 - 400 hives two times. The one litre bottle of Nozevit will feed 1000 hives one time each when mixed into 85 gallons of syrup. We add 3 1/2 litres of Nozevit into a large 250 gallon tote.

We strongly recommend adding OPTIMA to your thin syrup mixture for drenching or spraying. Complex organic essential oils, plant polyphenols, complete vitamins, complete minerals, and complete Amino Acids make for a great feed mixture to insure you are providing the best honey bee food supplement and helping to build the immune systems. Our essential oils are anti microbial, anti fungal, and anti bacterial.

No one in the industry uses only all Certified Organic Essential Oils, Organic Plant Polyphenols, Highest Quality Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids - PERIOD! We are also the only Honey Bee Feed Company that we know of that adheres to 100% FAIR TRADE practices.

Nozevit is not a medication or anti-biotic; it is made from purified water and all natural plant polyphenols.